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Henry County has a rich and diverse history.  The story of Henry County is a tale of family farms, entrepreneurs, political leaders, overcoming the struggles of war, and coming together in times of crisis and need.

Here are a few highlights from our permanent exhibit.

Conway Bible
Conway Bible
Captain Conway organized a company of Confederate Troops in 1861. The “Ladies of Paris” presented the bible to him on the Henry County Courthouse steps on May 20, 1861. The bible survived several battles, to include Shiloh. Captain Conway did not.
Col. S.H. Caldwell wore this uniform when he rode with General Nathan Bedford Forrest during the Civil War. Caldwell, a Paris native, served the Confederacy as a physician.

This revolver, hat, ammo belt, and pouch belonged to Captain John W. Travis. Captain Travis led a company of men from Paris, Waverly, and Clarksville in battle during the Spanish-American War of 1898.

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