The Heritage Center relies on a sizable force of volunteers to do much of its work.  Some help staff our office, working regular shifts to answer the telephone, greet visitors, staff the Gift Shop and do many other tasks that keep the works humming.  Others serve on committees, pitch in to arrange exhibits, come in to decorate the building for special occasions, tend the flowers and shrubbery, do small repairs and maintenance or do other chores as needed.

Our daily office volunteers work three-hour shifts, either 10am to 1pm or from 1pm to 4pm. Some work on a particular day and shift almost every week, and others work from time to time as their personal schedules allow.  Filling in the calendar with two shifts a day five days a week, is an ongoing challenge.

One of the main duties of the volunteers is to give tours to the public.  Volunteering at the Heritage Center is a rewarding effort for both the volunteer and our community.  We are currently working on many projects, such as transcribing the W. O. Inman speeches and index our Oral Histories.

We show appreciation to our volunteers at an annual party in Christmas.

We  ALWAYS  need more volunteers.   To find out more about what's involved, please call the Heritage Center, 642-1030.

Paris-Henry County Heritage Center, PO Box 822, Paris, TN  38242